Question: How do I pay with Mobile Money?

Question: How do I pay with Mobile Money?


The Pay via Mobile Money channel and other mobile transaction mediums, allows you to pay by entering your phone number enabled for mobile money.

When you click pay, you will receive a prompt on the mobile device attached to that number asking you to confirm the payment by inputting a PIN.

In order to pay via Mobile Money choose the "Paystack" option and enter your mobile money phone number when prompted. The Paystack option is also used to process credit/debit card payments. Due to COVID-19, we encourage electronic/cashless payments to reduce the spread of contaminated money. You can also order and pay online via our website and pick up the same day in store.

How do I pay with Mobile Money?

  1. When on our checkout form, click the Mobile Money option
  2. Input your mobile money number
  3. Choose your provider
  4. Click on Confirm 

Important to Note

For Vodafone customers, after you confirm your mobile money number and provider, you will have to dial *110# on your mobile phone, select option 4: Make Payments and select option 4: Generate Voucher and enter your pin to complete the request. You will receive a text message containing your voucher code after which you will come back to the checkout form to click on 'I have received my voucher code.' Input the voucher code to authorise the payment and complete the transaction.